Reverse phone lookup

What is reverse phone lookup?

Reverse phone lookup helps in identifying phone numbers, and the names and addresses associated with those phone numbers. So, when someone comes across an unfamiliar missed call, instead of calling back that person can just look it up and search who made the call and is the caller familiar or not. Reverse phone lookup applications can go far beyond identifying unknown numbers and their respective owners. These applications also help in locating the address of the strange caller.

How Does a Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

If the person who received the strange call wishes to identify the owner of the missed call number, a few steps can be taken.

Using Google:

Googleor any other search engine can be used to search for details about a specified phone number. All one has to do is search the number by typing it into the browser. Google provides phone book results which include the phone owner’s credentials including name, address, and location. However, some numbers are not present in Google’s records. Hence it is a better option to use reverse phone lookup.

Using Reverse Phone Lookup:

Reverse Phone Lookup can also be used to determine the details of the unknown caller. The receiver of a strange call has to start by searching “reverse phone lookup” on the browser. Then one of the websites which offer this service is selected and the phone number is entered and searched. The website will provide the name, address, and directions of the unknown person who made the call.

There is an array of reverse phone lookup sites which are either paid for or free. The free sites include,, and

The best reverse phone lookup sites and their specialties:

1.                Instant Checkmate – biggest reverse phone lookup directory

2.                Intelius – most reliable site for looking up address details

3.                Zlookup – simple and free reverse phone lookup services

4.                Truthfinder – best for finding additional details

5.                Spokeo – cheapest reverse phone lookup site

6.                No CallerName – incredible subscription plans

How are reverse phone lookup sites evaluated?

1.    Feedbacks of users – Detailed discussion with regular users of reverse phone lookup services are done to seek information about the best options and their services.

2.    Independent research – Learning the function of each website and comparing it with others to determine which one is the best.

Why Do People Use Reverse Phone Lookup Services?

There is an array of reasons due to which people look up phone numbers of unknown missed calls. A common one is that people feel harassed by strange callers who are tormenting them. Identifying the details of an unknown caller helps them to take measures to stop bullying such as filing a police complaint, etc.

Another reason can be avoiding bill collectors or other people whom these individuals owe money. A reverse phone lookup informs them whether it is a safe option to attend the phone call or not.

Lastly, a reason could be jealousy within a relationship. An individual checks a list of calls on their partner’s phone. If they see a greater number of anonymous phone calls than usual, they can use the reverse lookup to keep a track of their partner’s private life.

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